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Africa: The roots of All Humanity | TEDx Talk

Updated: Dec 27, 2022


Emmanuel Kulu, Jr. has come a long way from Hip-Hop production, Radio & Film, to a Best-Selling Author & African Historian. But that's not it. The Buffalo, New York native continues his journey of resiliency regarding African historical enlightenment & re-awareness despite the recent tragic Mass shooting in Buffalo (Tops Super Market) that sent shockwaves across the city and globe.

In a new development, Kulu adds another achievement to his lengthy list of accomplishments; to be featured on the TEDx Talk conference platform. In this excellent opportunity to speak to thousands around the world, Kulu centered the misrepresented history of, 'Mama Africa' on the stage like no other before him. Kulu recalls how he was given the opportunity to be a TEDx speaker, "Speaking on TEDx stage was a dream come true! I was contacted by my dear friend DEI Executive Netta Jenkins who recommended me as a speaker to the TEDx Alief organizer. As I went through the TEDx speaker training, I knew right away that my talk would cover Africa, the challenge was trying to deliver a message covering four thousand years of untold history in 16 minutes. I locked myself in my basement for hours trying to figure out the best way to deliver a impactful gift of truth. Finally, I laid out the talk in a way that would bring all Humanity into the scope of Africa's glorious history." In his talk, Kulu brings to light the Untold truths of African history and its connection with the origins of humanity. "Whether we believe in Science, Biology, Evolution or Creation (The Bible), all roads lead back to Africa! Therefore, this history, is not only important to Africans or those of African descent, but it's also important for All People to know their roots in Africa." says Kulu.

In this deep thought-provoking, ground-breaking, and historically revealing talk, he challenges a racial bias curriculum that has omitted the key missing piece to the human story, Mama Africa. "What we have is a case of; the tree branch (Common core curriculum of world history) growing so strong only to hate its roots (African history). When in fact, it is not the tree branch that is the strength of the tree, it's the roots where the real strength lies." says Kulu.

In 2022, Kulu founded A.A.A.R.I.A (Ancient African Antiquities Research Institute of America), with the mission of creating a Middle & High School curriculum of African studies. This curriculum will provide educational diversity and a new understanding of the inclusion of African studies within World history for educators and students.


When asked about state of emotions in his hometown with the recent Mass shooting on Buffalo's East Side he mentioned, "We are strong City, but we will NEVER forget the names of those Pillars of our Community that we lost. I was personally affected by this tragedy, because my elder sister was in the store when shooting occurred, I thank God she escaped. Systematic oppression, racism, ignorance, misinformation and miseducation work hand and hand as the root of the problem. This makes my work more and more significant in the times we are living in. As my father used to say, 'Beyond the Pain, see the Goal!' and I have made this my thought process in these difficult times." says Kulu.

Kulu, Jr., although born in the USA, is of Cameroonian descent (Zulu/Bantu Tribe) by way of his father, Emmanuel Kulu, Sr. As an African Historian, Kulu has traveled (Nationally & Internationally) giving lectures, seminars, and conferences on the miseducation of African history at various high schools, colleges, and universities. "As a human society, we cannot continue to ignore the contribution of Africans and African-Americans to the modern day. My parents raised me to love and embrace my African culture & history, in which I hope to share with the world. My goal is to raise the awareness of the miseducation of Ancient Africa and re-educate in its true context. Black History is World history!" says Kulu.

Based on his thorough research, Kulu created a historical fiction adventure series based on true events; "I, Black Pharaoh: Rise to Power & "I, Black Pharaoh: Golden Age of Triumph"". These novels were published and released respectively, by Pen it! Publications and are set for a relaunch in 2023. Both novels restore the true African imagery of Ancient Egypt (Kemet).


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