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Rutuja Ramteke Interviews with Emmanuel Kulu, Jr. the author of “I, Black Pharaoh: Rise to Power”

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

(R.R) Hello Sir, can you please introduce yourself? So that the audience would get you know you better.



My name is Emmanuel Kulu, Jr., I am an African Historian/Founder of I, Black Pharaoh Universe and a published author with Pen it Publications. I’ve been writing short stories since I was 13 years old to present (35 years old). In my teen years to late my 20’s, I was a hip-hop writer/composer/producer for many years. I enjoyed transforming reality street stories to music. I also had a deep passion for telling history stories from a standpoint of fantasy, as if I was there. As of 2017, I began my campaign tours in which I gave educational seminars, conferences, and lectures in the USA, spreading the awareness of Ancient African Mysteries.

(R.R) That’s amazing! Congratulations for your debut novel, the title is so good, what it says about the book?

(E.K) Thank you, the book is the first published novel to depict the Ancient Egyptians of Kemet as Black Africans. That was very exciting to restore truth, but also, the story brings to light the wisdom and power of African Kings and Queens. Ancient Egypt was the first mega-civilization the world has ever seen. The marvelous constructions, their dress attire, culture, beliefs, and mysticism often make the mind wonder how they lived. The book will transport readers to the Ancient World while visualizing Egypt’s true African origins. The story reveals the rise of the Queen Pharaoh, Hatshepsut and Grand Warrior Pharaoh, Thutmose III.

(R.R) Do you remember what you wrote first? How did you develop your interest in writing?

(E.K) In 3rd grade, I wrote my 1st essay about King Tut. Writing is an outlet for me. It’s a powerful way of expressing one’s thoughts, which allows others to relate, and or react. I love the creative process. I love how it starts with nothing, until the pen meets the pad, and then it comes to life.

(R.R) Your book deals with King Thutmose III, who is also called the “Napoleon of Egypt”, what are your thoughts him personally?

(E.K) The story of Thutmose III’s rise is a unique one. Out of all the Pharaohs of Egypt, he desired to expand his kingdom as far north into eastern Asia and as far south as in Nubia (Sudan). His personality was that of a man who felt had to show the world how strong he was in order to subdue it. What he loved he gave his all, but what he hated he desired to annihilate from the face of the earth.

(R.R) Yeah exactly! I assume you have gone through a lot to bring the things inside your head on paper, so would you like to share your journey?

(E.K) Sleepless nights, I always had ideas to make the story better. It was very tough for me to submit the finished manuscript to the publisher, because I am my harshest critic and I always feel I can do better. This book also required a lot of research in order to put together timelines and a pattern of events.

(R.R) What makes your book different, I mean why you think one should read it?

(E.K) This book is unique, for the fact that it doesn’t follow the western fallacy of a European/Mediterranean Ancient Egypt. Egypt is the only African civilization that has to be proven to be as African as the rest of Africa. I endured hundreds of racist/hateful emails in regard to the book cover. As I continued forward, many honest scholars reached out to encourage me, to continue the fight to restore truth to African history.

(R.R) The book’s cover is marvelous. How much time did you take to complete this book? No doubt this book is so amazing. Who is your favorite character from your story and why?

(E.K) The Book took three years with research, travel, writing, editing, and rewriting. My favorite characters were Hatshepsut and Thutmose III, both Pharaohs that took Kemet (Egypt) to it’s peak but had very different ways of carrying out their agendas. Hatshepsut was fearless warrior, cunning, but she was also the wisest in all her dealings. Thutmose III was a child born in adversity even though he was royalty. He would spend his life fighting for his crown and proving himself to be the greatest expansionist military genius.

(R.R) Do you think writing has changed you in a way?

(E.K) Well, the old saying says, “You know better, you do better.” Therefore, it does change you to the extent that you know more than you knew before. Enlightenment tends to broaden a person’s perspective on life, but as for me, I desired to share what I learned with the world. I just couldn’t keep it to myself.

(R.R) Describe your book in three words.

(E.K) Historical, Thrilling, Concise!

(R.R) Are you working on any other projects right now? Do you think your book has a major role to play in the young generation of our society?

(E.K) Yes, I am currently working on, “I, Black Pharaoh Children’s book”. I believe this is important for youth and society to see great history along with diversity. The world is becoming more and more diverse, and we must eliminate the Eurocentric/western idea that Africans were primitive and insignificant in the historical record. In fact, we all originate from Africa, because Africa is where all civilization began.

(R.R) Thanks a lot, wishing you good luck! Thanks for sparing time from your busy schedule.

-Rutuja Ramteke

Moonflower Book Reviewer


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