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I, Black Pharaoh Book Review

By: Kourtney Bradley


I, Black Pharaoh: Rise to Power is a historical fiction novel written by Emmanuel Kulu, Jr. Published in February 2020 by Pen It! Publications, the story is a powerful read following the rule of the western world. The story follows the lead character, Thutmose the Third beginning before his birth and up to his point of rule. Beginning with the rule of his father, Thutmose the Second, and his betrayal of his wife by engaging in a romantic relationship with a maidservant, the life of Thutmose the Third is created, leaving a spew of deceit in his wake. The tale centralizes the themes of tragedy, deceit, death, and legacy as their prominence is signified by the destiny of the Black Pharaoh.

I’ve read my fair share of historical fiction and more often than not, I feel that the plot seems to drag out much more than necessary. This was not the case with I, Black Pharaoh: Rise to Power. The novel was captivating from beginning to end and I felt that no parts of the story lacked action. The characters were all well-developed and very fitting for their positions within the story. I was exceptionally impressed with the author’s ability to form communication between characters that both followed along with the current setting and time, while also making it engaging enough for readers to enjoy, while also shining a spotlight on the specific setting of the story.

Emmanuel Kulu Jr. has an exceptional gift for providing a superb storyline and engaging characters. Egyptian history has always been fascinating to me, and the story of the Black Pharaoh did not disappoint when it came to enhancing the story. I’m honored to have had the privilege to read I, Black Pharaoh: Rise to Power, and am so happy to share my rating of 4 out of 4 stars with other readers. I would highly recommend this story to anyone who has an interest in Egyptian history or enjoys a story with dynamic themes.

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